I’ve been exploring the web to see on line resources there are for the endeavor. A lot of the sites were concerned with the philosophical and spiritual aspects of alchemy, there was a decent number of practical alchemy sites as well.

I’m pleased to see that modern alchemy takes advantage of modern materials and supplies.

Were I considering alchemy in a SF&F convention setting (a la “Mad Scientist”), I would gleefully use such things as 2 liter soda bottles, but Gosplodey’s is set at a Medieval Fair site and must make a serious attempt at looking medieval. No plastic soda bottles.

I have been collecting wine and beer bottles instead – and corks. It’s a pity I don’t drink very much, so I’ve asked friends to let me have their empties. As we head into the holiday season, I expect the pace to pick up some.

I’ve unearthed some of my old class notes and am translating them into English. There may be some useful things here.