Progress – Not

There’s been a change of leadership at MedFaire. The new director is a long time friend. Today, we stuffed the vendor contract envelopes. It looks like I will be doing much more administrative work with MedFaire, before, during, and after.

This makes me wonder about the future of the alchemy booth. I still very much want to do it, but it looks more like it would be something better for someone else to do, and I just help out.

Like many other state agencies (and MedFaire is a state agency, or at least a program from a state agency), with the budget cuts, when a job is vacated, they usually don’t fill it. Linda’s job was an exception, someone has to run MedFaire. AnnMarie was a part time assistant and was promoted to Linda’s position, meaning AnnMarie’s job as assistant is vacant and will probably remain so until the budget turns around. So I offered to help as much as possible – an unpaid assistant.

Of course, I also volunteered my ex to help mark the grounds the week before the Faire. I am not above volunteering other people when I know they probably won’t mind being volunteered. This gives my ex a chance to catch up with a couple of his old friends, friends he wouldn’t get to see this year since he’s not attending MedFaire this year in favor of attending a gun show in Tulsa instead.

I got a preview of the T-shirt design this year and will gleefully buy both T-shirt and sweatshirt this year.

And, with greater involvement in admin, I will have less time to even think about having a booth.

I admit the primary reason I wanted a booth was so I’d have something to do between the volunteer shifts, a place to stash my gear, a place to interact with the patrons, a place out of the weather to sit, and a place for the doggies to rest and relax.

I don’t know how much (or little!) time I will have to set up and run a booth at the Faire, and so I guess I will table it for now. Not give it up, just backburner it for now. In a year or two, I’ll look at it again.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. queenoffractalbeauty
    Feb 22, 2011 @ 15:39:22

    My first thought on reading this was to think that I could certainly take a more active role in planning and setting up the booth and then I had my second thought. I’m on the boards of two quilt guilds, I’ve just been flooded with several quilting jobs, I’ve got quilts of my own to get finished for this summer’s quilt show (including one for John’s niece), and I’m supposed to be writing a book. Maybe tabling this for a year or two is a good idea all the way around.


    • gosplodey
      Feb 25, 2011 @ 01:56:39

      Yes, that’s the thing. I have too many irons in the fire. The alchemy booth at MedFaire sounds like such fun, but since there are no firm commitments, it’s something to plan out and do for the future. Maybe when there are more people involved and definitely when there’s more time.


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