Now that I’ve settled in to this new location, it’s time to get down to business.

I named this blog “gosplodey” for a reason – I intend to develop a hobby into a very small once a year public demonstration at an event called the OU Medieval Fair for the nefarious purposes of having fun, having something to do when I’m not working on the staff, and to share my interest with as many people as possible. I doubt I’ll make any money at it. Indeed, I’m pretty sure it will be a financial sinkhole – I have to purchase/rent a tent, acquire tables (I have 1, it’s a start), stills that are portable (I have 1 portable still – a start but not enough), other lab equipment, chemicals and bottles and jars and other such “consumables”, create signage, develop interesting patter, find some visually appealing and possibly mildly explosive experiments to patter on about, create costuming for myself and any assistants I can attract to help with this, find some way to reimburse said assistants – if only to feed them, and print up booklets and make little give-aways.

Yeah, it’s going to be a real money drain.

But it’s going to be fun!


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  1. queenoffractalbeauty
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 17:17:52

    Reimburse the help? I thought John and I were signing on just for the fun of it. Hmm……
    One of the advantages of having worked at Omniplex all those years is that we know how to do demos on the super cheap. Heck, Marilyn’s favorite trick was to assign the educ. dept. a project and tell us the budget was $0. We always managed to pull something impressive out of our butts. And in John’s case, they always blow up. 8:-)


  2. gosplodey
    Oct 11, 2010 @ 18:42:59

    Well, if you weren’t going to have fun, there’d be no point in doing it at all. And of course there has to be a bit more for anyone helping out than just fun. Food is almost always a welcome payment: fresh baked bread, Scottish Eggs, Banbury Tarts, rat onna stick, dragon tails, Cornish Pasties…

    Gotta replace the calories burned in doing stuff!


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