“Functional Food”


Now, that’s something that should rightfully terrify all of us – food pumped full of drugs and making spurious health claims.

I won’t be buying them. Real food has more and better benefits than pumped up, junked up, processed food.<p>I am considering a partial boycott of Nestle products or any other products that scream “Improves Digestion!” or “Prevents Diabetes/Obesity/Alzheimer’s/Heart Disease!”, “Now With Added Calcium!” – anything that has a “health” claim attached, although I may scale it up to a full blown boycott.

I don’t want a prescription to be able to go grocery shopping. I don’t want my food to be stripped of all its natural goodness and then be chemically enhanced to give it some level of artificial nutrition.

I want my food to taste good, to taste like the food it is – I don’t want cranberries that taste like apples or apples that taste like grapes, I don’t want cheese tasting like eggs or bread like steak. (I don’t know that the last two exist, but it seems inevitable, doesn’t it?). I don’t want “functional food”, I want real food.

The last paragraph of the article is a sane one.


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  1. venera4
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 17:44:05

    I can understand the increased use of probiotics in yogurts and similar foods; there is clear and fairly convincing evidence that our intestinal flora have a strong influence on things such as digestion (duh), dermatitis, cardiac health, and even diabetes and obesity. (However, many of these studies are preliminary and have yet to be replicated – mainly because the companies ar erushing to cash in on the preliminary results.) And using cultured bacteria has a long history in food.

    I am less sanguine about other food additives. Omega-3 belongs in fish, not in iced tea. Calcium belongs in milk, not in soda. And some types of GMO rice, corn, and soybeans belong in the lab, not on our tables. (I have no problem with the irradiated GMOs; it is the spliced ones that bother me, due ot the law of unintended consequences.) And, of course, the answer there is to eat as close to the source as possible. Don’t buy processed food if you can buy unprocessed. It is less expensive and will have fewer additives.


  2. gosplodey
    Oct 04, 2010 @ 21:55:26

    Ayup. In my opinion, the less processed the food is at the point of sale, the healthier it is.


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